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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Realistic Hair Extension

A women’s beauty lies in her hair, be it long or short, we all crave for lustrous and soft hair, isn’t it? But not everyone is born lucky with healthy hair genes and so many ladies consider obtaining hair extension and search for realistic tresses. Also, nothing is worse than the cheap clip-on extenders available, which are produced from synthetics and they appear to look more like carpet compared to what your real lock of hair looks! It isn’t just that they’re noticeably fake, it is always that they’re made from low quality and look very odd!

If you want the most real looking hair extension, you need to choose a colour that’s as near to your natural hair as possible, start searching for hair extensions close to it, you would want the colour to combine well with your hair and not seem like a poor dye job, all the difference is mainly based on how well colours blend to your own colours and if the procedure looks good when it’s finished go with it but if it doesn’t match and you think it won’t suit you, there is another thing which you can try –


Hair extension can be created from real hair which is harvested and donated with regards to making wigs and products. These human versions of extension look natural compared to synthetic version, the only thing is they are costly than the synthetic ones but if you’re able to afford to get it done, get real hair rather than of synthetic.

In the end, you want to present yourself as natural as you can, isn’t it?

To every extent, you all want to clip in hair extensions to appear as realistic as it can be but don’t use these products if you wish to have the ability to shower or go swimming with your fake hairpiece on. Here is another product if you’re extending your locks all around the mind. These products are great and ideal for adding what seems to become a ponytail to some short hair also, keep this thing in your mind that they don’t seem real or aren’t design like the actual factor.

If you want to go ahead with it, you need to visit a salon and have the new hairs woven into the hair that’s already in your mind. This will make the design and style look more realistic, you’ll be able to do all of the things like – clean hair, style hair, frolic in the water, play sports and other outside activities without any worry that the hair will appear of the mind. This really works great and the woven pieces aren’t discernible in which the weave starts and stops, so you don’t have to bother with getting telltale seam showing the addition.  

These products are stitched into position, the stitching work is really very strong because of the weaving and it doesn’t leave marks as in to which new part owed to your natural part, the tresses are simply joined together and the only person who knows about it is you and your hairstylist without a doubt!

Do not try to set up or do this procedure at your own home. You’ll need a hair professional who has experience in dealing with such hair products and is familiar with the kind of products that you’re getting. Make sure the professional knows about your extension product that you are intending to use and has practised using the same kind of extension you’ve selected as the synthetic pieces and real hair ones vary in many things. Also, be prepared to stay at the salon for any length of time and intend on departing the hairstylist an incredible tip with this procedure.

I hope my article helps you and you finally manage to choose the right hair extension

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