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Everyone wants to live a healthy and fit life isn’t it? But for living a healthy lifestyle one should focus on daily diet and nutrition intake, remember Balanced food = Balanced life.

So, let us talk about an event I recently attended on 2nd January 2018, it was organised by Malaysian palm oil council. Around 50 other bloggers from the city were invited, it was great to connect with them all. In the event DR. Bhavna Shah, MPOC country head – India and Srilanka, talked and discussed the benefits of Malaysian palm oil, providing us with immense knowledge. Hereby I will be sharing some of the information about the palm oil and the event.

About Malaysian palm oil council India (MPOC):

Malaysian palm oil council of India wants to educate and spread awareness about palm oil amongst people, it is a non-profit organization. As oil is used in almost everything be it in kitchen, cosmetic, health and various other daily, industrial uses MPOC wants to increase and improve the trade opportunities, applications of usage, spread awareness and bust myths regarding the palm oil.

Talking about Malaysian palm oil, it is extracted from the fruit of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis). it is reddish in colour, edible vegetable oil, balanced in nature and can be used in many ways like for deep frying in kitchen, it absorbs less oil and makes the food more tasty and crispy, many people think and see to it as oil for poor people just because it is available in the government ration shops, but hey! That’s an absolutely wrong thing, as it is imported and isn’t available directly in the market, the government took a better initiative of selling it through ration shops, but people misunderstood and took it for wrong, they didn’t know about the goodness and benefits of the oil. Also, palm oil is used directly/indirectly in every 6th item you pick from across the world be it Nutella, noodles, biscuits, anything and brands like Ferrero Rocher, ITC brand, Nestle, Hindustan Unilever uses it. Isn’t that surprising!

Some of the benefits of the palm oil:

  • It is priced cheaper as compared to other oils available in the market as it is extracted excessively from the palm.
  • Palm oil is enriched with vitamins A, D, E, K, fatty acids and so it makes for a balanced oil.
  • Reduces risk of cancer, assists in pregnancy and inhibits cardiovascular diseases.
  • Palm oil has good resistance to oxidation and increased temperatures so, it is ideal for frying foods like – French fries, potato chips, samosa, noodles, etc. as it absorbs less oil.

About the event:

It was indeed a great fun-filled event with lots of activities and food to eat. The event started at KBOB’S Restaurant with discussion session of palm oil conducted by DR. Bhavna Shah, then it was concluded with round of games, firstly everyone was parted into six groups consisting of 6-7 members in each group and I was in the fifth group, then we were made to play treasure hunt and I literally had to rush in heels from one place to other, it was one hell of an adventurous task for me. so, the first place we reached for was Barbeque Nation and there we had to solve a questionnaire based on the information about palm oil shared with us. After finishing that we got our hands onto our second clue and it lead us to Sugar’n’Spice Restaurant, where we had a crazy blind food tasting session and we had to figure out the name of the dish and the ingredients, we figured it was a spring roll, a tortilla and salsa sauce. Then we were given our next clue and it lead us to Happy Singh Restaurant, our next task was to make a creative salad out of the things given to us. We thought of some ideas and finally made a creative salad, I made a smiley emoticon out of potato and we named our salad as Vrut (combination of vegetables and fruit) creative indeed isn’t it! After completion of this task, we had to get back to the starting point that was KBOB’S Restaurant, again we ran and reached in excitement but oops! Another group was already present and so we finished second.

Lastly, there was another competition, in which we had to finish a huge bowl of Ice-cream filled with Ferrero Rocher and Nutella within 1 minute. Oh gosh! at first, the task looked easy but while gulping it down quickly, I literally felt the rush of cold within my mouth but we finished it within the time frame!

The event was based on a retro theme and being a fashion blogger, I take dressing up very seriously and so, for the outfit I wore a polka dot shirt paired with flared pants and opted for minimal styling with just a choker for accessory and oh, how can I forget the red lips to define the whole look!

We took various pictures and boomerangs at the photo booth which had various props and the event concluded with dinner at KBOB’S wherein I just ate starters consisting of chicken, paneer tikka and I couldn’t resist the delicious dessert so, lastly ate the Gulab jamun with vanilla Ice cream, didn’t go for the main course as I was hurrying up. So, that’s all about the event!

Also, it got featured in the City Bhaskar Newspaper-

Check out Malaysian palm oil council – here

I hope this new year brings you tons of happiness and you get everything that you have wished for,

Have a good and jolly time ahead!

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